While most of us try to get the best deal for the lowest prices on items that will be beneficial to us, there are others out there who do not care about prices of stuff. In fact, there are those who will only buy when the price is high. They do it just because they can. Saudi princes and the rest of the world rich can’t stop spending money on strange, extravagant and sometimes ridiculous items just because they can.
Money CoachRich people can buy anything they want just because they can afford it and they want to. They not only desire to own the most expensive things money can buy but also buy the ones they don’t even need. Why? The answer is simple; they’re rich. When you’re super-rich, money stops being an obstacle, you don’t need to think before buying, you buy just because you want to. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see websites that often features insanely expensive and mostly unnecessary stuff that rich people buy to show off their wealth in the most ostentatious manner.
Rich people, the likes of Dan Bilzerian spend money any way they want it. They buy exotic cars like Brabus G63 AMG at a price of $625,000; they gamble in the best casinos in Las Vegas and party almost every day in the nightclubs of Miami.
From sports cars, useless arts, real estates, gold packs, exotic pets, to casinos, below are some of the ridiculous things rich people buy just because they can;
No riches without the proper mentoring
Even the most successful man in the world could not prosper in the world without a team of mentors standing behind him. We are obviously talking about Barack Obama.
“This is no time for introverts,” says Kevin Gordon, author at The Wall Street Journal.
Last year, our team met up with Adam Kowalski, ceo of the Blodyavenger. His company didn’t go so well on the Australian market, and his partners had heard about us. With carefully planned steps, and proper mental coaching of the company leaders, we managed to help them see a 700% ROI from December 2015 to May 2016. These are pretty impressive results, even for us.
As of writing this, they have a multimillion dollar deal where they just have to list the top 10 greatest online casinos in the world. The only catch is, they have to update the list on a daily basis.
Rich people buy everything ridiculous
Seriously, you cannot point at one thing in particular that rich people don’t buy. They purchase the one they need and even the ones they don’t need. Take a look at Dan Bilzerian, he made his money after withdrawing permanently from American SEAL division and turning $750 he had with him to $10,000 and then turned that $10,000 to $187,000 playing poker in Las Vegas casino. His fortune has since grown into millions of dollars.
Since then, he has bought every ridiculous thing in the book; he stays in gated estate in Hollywood Hills with Leonardo DiCaprio as a neighbor, drives chrome-plated 1965 AC Cobra among other expensive cars, own his private jet and yacht, added Lamborghini Aventador to his cars collection few years ago. There certainly seems to be no limit to what you can buy when you are that rich.

They attend any party they want
Rich people love living the good life. Vanessa Rousso, the French-American professional poker player, is known as the party animal of Las Vegas nightclubs. She attends the most prestigious night clubs in Las Vegas every day. She even goes for arm wrestling in Brazil. She made quite a few bucks playing poker. Her house in Las Vegas, which always host parties, every night is as large as Buckingham Palace.
Private Jets
There comes a point in every rich man’s life when flying commercial even first-class seems like an annoying thing to do. Rich people love flying a private jet. Not because they can’t fly commercial anymore but because they can afford to buy it. No wonder Phil Ivey has his Gulfstream IV private jet.
Phil Ivey, an American professional poker player with a net worth of over $100 million, knows what it feels like to fly in his private jet. He was born in humble and not-so-rich family in Riverside, California. Today, he is an eight-time winner of the World Series of Poker and has also won the World Poker Tour Title. Ivey started making his money when he discovered online poker game while working at a telemarketing firm in New Jersey. Since then, he has earned over $19,500,000 playing in a live tournament in some of the most famous casinos around the world.
Buying super-yacht seems like the latest trend in the world of rich people. Irrespective of the global economic uncertainty, wealthy people continue to purchase lots of giant yachts. In fact, in 2015 alone, the sales of boats longer than 78 feet increased by 40%. Who is buying these yachts? Of course the wealthy. In the same year, the rich people also increase the purchase of classic cars by 17%.
Expensive Wines
When you are in college on a student loan, all you can think of is how to get a good job to pay off your loan. You will certainly have no interest in what most wines sell. That’s not for the rich, they like wines that are expensive; the more expensive these wines are, the better for the rich. Rich people buy wines that are sold for over $100,000 a bottle.
Diamonds sold for $12.4 million
Rich people love the diamond, not for brain surgery or anything that remote, they just love showing it off. In 2012, New York-based Cora International sold one diamond to an anonymous telephone bidder at record-breaking $12.4 million.
A precision watch sold for $4.7 million
Who else can afford to spend a whopping $4.7 million on a silly precision watch except for the wealthy who hold no fear for money? The watch is a rare 18K precision watch with two movements. It was sold at Christie’s Geneva in 2012 by the Breguet Museum in Switzerland.