Steel Fabricating, Coaching experience.

After Meeting with the guys at SSF we found they were getting more work then they could handle. This is a common issue with a lot of businesses. Taking on too much at one time is great for cash flow but can bring down other aspects of the business.  We found a solution that worked great for them and they having been calling me thanking us for the last 6 weeks. Steel fabricating in Melbourne is what they do, but there is more to any biz then just taking on work. Life and work balance is very important, and will always come into play. You cant be a successful business without knowing when to say enough is enough. Check out the boys site below:


Coaching a Melbourne Re stumping business.

Garry from Melbourne Re-stumping came to us with some questions of where he can take his business next.   We were able to grow his business from 20k a year to 100k. See below:

How Long does it take to Restump and relevel my home?
Each Home takes a different amount of time this home took us 8 working days to complete.
How am I Charged? We will come and have a look at the job and give you a quote, each job vary’s in price according to your specific requirements.
What choices do i get? We will carry out each job to its requirement. You may want wooden stumps, metal beams or have your home boxed in by us as well.
Got any more questions concerning your house restumping, releveling or moving your home? We are experts in our field and cater for all types of needs give us a call for your free quote. A good place to start is with us, we will give you the right advice for the job you require.

Restumping Melbourne

We can also relocate homes and offer service to buy and install your home to your vacant land.

Does you house have crook legs?
we can fix that with restumping your home.

Have you leans in your floors?
Maybe you just need your house releveled

Bearers not straight?
Dont worry, we can replace them as we go along but be sure to let us know when we inspect your home.

Don’t like the view and want to move your Home?
we can relocate your home! or if you have purchased a home and want it moved to a specific location we can do this!

Whatever your house moving, restumping and releveling needs are We can help you!


Coaching a Entertainer for life and Business.

I had a great work shop with the Owner of M.I.A

He is both an Entertainer for hens nights and runs multiple sites all across Australia. Things are going great but he was after just a few words of advice with networking and admin. Another happy client who seemed to really appreciate the advice of a business coach.


A Great Session with an eyebrow tattoo Entrepreneur

I Met with Lisa from ETM last week for business coaching session. The great thing about being a business coach is learn as much as they do out of each encounter. After learning about Eyebrow tattooing she showed me some of her work and it was Amazing. I Suggest checking her out online. She also Does Lip fillers in Melbourne.  So if you are into Beauty you will not regret chatting to her. She has great life experience and social skills but just needed to brush up on a few of her business skills when it came to marketing and accounting which I hope I helped with.


Childhood Memory Healings

Do you ever feel like there is something from your childhood holding you back?

Have you ever had that sense that there is a small child within you who is complaining that “it’s not fair”, or “I can’t do that”, or “I’m just not good enough!”?

The Life CoachHave you ever wanted to change something in your life or move forward in an area but noticed that there is something inside blocking your way, something stopping you? And not only that, but you have a profound sense that it has something to do with your childhood…

Stuff happens to us as kids that has a deep effect on us as adults. The way we have interpreted our childhood events, or simply our childhood in general, form the basis of our worldview and the way we understand how life works. If our interpretation of these events as children was not based on truth, then we can be held captive to these errant unconscious beliefs for the rest of our lives.

It is possible however to revisit these circumstances and reinterpret these events through the light of truth. We are actually able to sit down with the little child inside us and have a conversation with them. We can talk to them about the truth of our childhood and they can talk back about how they see things. This then enables them to have a voice, and us to understand why they believe what they do and to help them see things from a different perspective. When they do, they can let go of the things that have held you captive for so long. When our child lets go of these, we are then free too!

Working intuitively with the childhood memories that arise and trusting that they are relevant to you now and that you are ready to work through them, I then gently lead you through a conversation with your inner child from the memory or events that have risen to the surface, and together we reinterpret the events through the filter of your truth. The freedom and joy that people experience as a result is incredible!

This can be experienced in a one-on-one session, or through workshops. There is something incredibly powerful about a group of people coming together for a common purpose. When people come together in an environment of love and mutual healing, that dynamic creates miracles!

At no time in either the one-on-one sessions or the life coach workshops will you ever be pressured or asked to go beyond what is comfortable for you

Testimonial: After taking this course My business and my life have taken great steps forward.

Life and Business coach in Australia. Learn more today.

Business Coaching Melbourne is aware that small business owners are always looking for ways to generate more leads for their business to enable them to increase their revenue. At business coaching Melbourne you will find the ideal solution to your lead generation issues.

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The business coaching programs, have a heavy focus on learning how to get your time management under control, this then enables small business owners to set action plans for their business that they are able to execute successfully. Areas covered in the coaching program are, Planning, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Leadership, Creating a business that works without you and Investing your profits.

How does Business Coaching Melbourne help you generate more leads than you can handle?

First, we help you understand exactly who your ideal client target is, understanding who they are and what they are thinking. The program then teaches you how to create marketing material that will out-think, out-market and out-sell your competition day in day out.

Business Coaching enables you to turn your marketing into a paint by numbers process, by providing you with proven and tested “done-for-you” marketing and advertising examples to get real-world results. Once you have mastered your marketing, The Academy will then train you on expanding your business beyond the one million dollar revenue base.

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